Mollbrinks was established in 1957 in Sweden by Lars Mollbrink and has continuously operated as a family owned business. Today, the gallery is run by Lars Mollbrink’s son and grandson, Jan Mollbrink and Johan Hauffman. Historically, the gallery has exhibited a wide range of modern masters of the 20th century with focus on Salvador Dali and Marc Chagall original artworks. Mollbrinks is also a world-renowned expert on Anders Zorn etchings. Since its opening, the gallery has built up an international clientele and a reputation for its high-quality exhibitions.

Mollbrinks made their first presence in the US during the 1990’s with the exhibition ‘Scandinavian Masters’. The exhibition toured for a decade in museums across the US, from Seattle to Chicago and further out east to Philadelphia.

In more recent years, Mollbrinks has increased its focus on international contemporary artists with an emphasis on international art fairs and public sculpture exhibitions. Alexander Klingspor’s “NYC Legend” is the gallery’s first public sculpture project in New York.